Reg Livermore - Betty Block Buster Follies CD and DVD


"One of the most successful - craziest one-man shows in Australian theatrical history"

Now Available on CD & DVD

Betty Blokk Buster Follies


The long awaited release on DVD of Reg Livermore's Betty Blokk Buster Follies!

In April 1975 Reg Livermore stormed the stage of Sydney's Balmain Bijou Theatre with his groundbreaking show Betty Blokk Buster Follies. A tour de force, an irrestible blend of music and comedy, the show caught the imagination of audiences all round Australia filling theatres wherever it played. This record of the show was released in cinemas during 1976 and is at last available DVD!

Songs include Family Of Man, Hello In There, Captain Jack, What Makes A Man A Man, The Entertainer and Celluloid Heroes, with well known characters, Betty Blokk Buster, Tara the Incredible, The Old Man and Vasaline Amyl Nitrate.

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The original Sydney season of Betty Blokk Buster Follies in 1975 lead to the release of a vinyl double album which was a chart topper for many months, it received 2 gold records and then a platinum. It was a must have album of its time.

It has now been reproduced on CD. Songs include Family Of Man, Hello In There, Captain Jack, What Makes A Man A Man, Is That All There Is, Walk On The Wildside, Train, Travelling Prayer, Ticking, The Entertainer and Celluloid Heroes amoung many more.


Autobiography - Soft Cover

The paper back version of Reg's autobiography Chapters and Chances is now be available for purchase here. The book covers a period of more than fifty years and in doing so attempts to place the body of my theatrical work in a context both personal and historical.

It is now out of print but available here signed or unsigned for $40 (includes package and postage). Send a cheque or money order for $40.00 with return address and request to be signed to:
Reg Livermore
PO Box 2034
Bowral NSW 2576

Or click the purchase link below and write to Reg with any questions.