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There has simply never been a better Wizard anywhere, and I've seen a few. Every gesture, every line, every thought so carefully and magically rendered. Reg Livermore is an international icon of the theatre, and all his richness - and his deftness - is there to be seen, and not seen, .. it's hypnotic; you can't take your eyes of him. It's wonderful to see that rich vein of Australian theatrical tradition still so powerfully active after all this time.

Peter Fleming - Castrecl on Wicked


"If you were casting "Wicked – The Movie" you could not possibly go past Livermore. Welcome back Reg, and please stay around for many more years" on Wicked


"Reg Livermore dazzles in the role which has previously seemed the weakest in the show. He leaves all others demolished in his path. We tend to forget just what an astonishing performer Livermore is. Along with the charisma, the stagecraft, the finesse, the humour and the voice, is the pathos of a truly great actor who finds every emotion in the subtext. It's a bravura performance and though only a few oldies cheered at his first entrance, the entire theatre was in worship-mode for his finale call. "

Stage Whispers on Wicked


"Reg Livermore as the Wizard captures the greed and broken heart of the man behind the gold mask and makes him so human that his villainy is understood" on Wicked


"Reg Livermore is a real drawcard as the
not-so-wonderful Wizard of Oz, lighting up the stage with vaudevillian shtick that disguises
his cruel intentions"

The Sydney Morning Herald on Wicked


"Livermore gets the insistent tune of
"The King of Broadway" across with gusto and defiance. He himself epitomises the survivor amid the perils of showbusiness and his wonderful performance is but one of the joys of the Australian production ...
it has chutzpah in spades."

The Sydney Morning Herald on The Producers


"A great musical comedy actor"

Review on The Producers

"Livermore as Max Bialystock won audiences from the start with his explosive opening number"

Herald Sun on The Producers

"Livermore is a fine, sharp-edged comedian"

The Age on My Fair Lady

"Livermore times each comically barbed line of his to perfection. His Professor Higgins is irascible, misogynistic and selfishly oblivious to Eliza's feelings - yet still eminently likeable. His emotional confusion when he realises he's "grown accustomed" to Eliza's face is quite genuinely touching "

Sunday Telegraph on My Fair Lady


"His comic timing and acting are spot-on"

The Sun Herald on The Gondoliers

"Livermore dominates all - and that includes the audience. He has the unchallengeable authority of the great individual performer. He fascinates rather than entertains. We have nobody more remarkable on our stage."

Harry Kippax, Sydney morning Herald on Firing Squad

"... he is everyone's nightmare, and everyone's dream ... inhabiting the space with such grace, taking charge of it so effortlessly."

Dorothy Hewett, Theatre Australia on Sacred Cow

"... with energy contolled by poise, with grace and with cheek by jowl, with knockabout and Rabelaisian obscebity, with immense authority, there bounds, glides, twinkles, glooms, glimmers, silks and smailes this extrodianary performer. My admiration for him is unbounded "

Harry Kippax, Sydney Morning Herald on Son of Betty.

"Australia's greatest white faced clown"

Dorothy Hewett, Theatre Australia on Sacred Cow

"Like the talented child or dog act, Reg Livermore as Herod must be a hard one to top. Almost as suddenly as he appeared he is gone, but in a few brief moments he has virtually stolen the show."

Publication TBC on Jesus Christ Superstar

"A national living treasure"

Stage Noise

"On of the most extraordinary events in Australian theatre history - A brilliant star"

The National Times on Betty Blokk Buster Follies

"The greatest thing since Rice Bubbles"

The National Times on Betty Blokk Buster Follies

"Livermore is Livermore handling his patter song with articulate ease and exploring the margings of daffiness."

The Age on The Pirates of Penzance


"Livermore pulls out all the stops ... his acting is a tour de force, subtle, witty and beautifully timed."

On The Canterville Ghost